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Plant Breed. Biotech. 2022;10:203-89
Review Article
Review on Mechanism of Mineral Phosphate Solubilization in Fast-Growing Rhizobia Based on Sugar Utilization
Bhumi R. Rajguru, Vaibhav D. Bhatt
Plant Breed. Biotech. 2022;10:203-211
Research Articles
Genetic Analysis of Coffee (Coffea arabica L.) Genotypes in Zimbabwe Using Morphological Traits
Pardon Chidoko, Caleb Mahoya, Samson Tarusenga, Dumisani Kutywayo
Plant Breed. Biotech. 2022;10:212-223
Effect of Wheat RING Type E3 Ligase TaMARCH9 Gene on Flowering Time in Transgenic Arabidopsis
Moon Seok Kim, Jae Ho Kim, Yong Weon Seo
Plant Breed. Biotech. 2022;10:224-231
Estimation of Heritability and Association Analysis of Agronomic Traits Contributing to Yield on Upland Rice (Oryza sativa L.)
Dewi Nawank Sary, Lailatul Badriyah, Ricoh Darisman Sihombing, Thoriq Ahmad Syauqy, Eries Dyah Mustikarini, Gigih Ibnu Prayoga, Ratna Santi, Budi Waluyo
Plant Breed. Biotech. 2022;10:232-243
The Effect of Growth Concentration on In Vitro Shoot Multiplication of Crown Flower (Calotropis gigantea)
Okky Talitha, Samanhudi Samanhudi, Andriyana Setyawati, Muji Rahayu, Amalia T. Sakya
Plant Breed. Biotech. 2022;10:244-256
Association Study for Drought Tolerance of Flint Maize Inbred Lines Using SSR Markers
Kyu Jin Sa, Hyeon Park, Zhenyu Fu, So Jung Jang, Ju-Kyong Lee
Plant Breed. Biotech. 2022;10:257-271
Inheritance of Resistance to Race 5 of Powdery Mildew Fungus Podosphaera xanthii in Melon and Development of Race 5-Specific High Resolution Melting Markers
Jeong-Eui Hong, Mohammad Rashed Hossain, Hee-Jeong Jung, Ill-Sup Nou
Plant Breed. Biotech. 2022;10:272-281
Identification of QTLs for Cold Tolerance at Seedling Stage Using a Population Derived from an Inter-specific Cross in Rice
Kyu-Chan Shim, Yeo-Tae Yun, Ju-Won Kang, Sang-Nag Ahn
Plant Breed. Biotech. 2022;10:282-289
Plant Breeding and Biotechnology (Plant Breed. Biotech.) publishes original and peer-reviewed research and review articles in all areas of basic and practical researches in the field of plant breeding and biotechnology including breeding methodologies, genetics, and genomics of ......
Joo-Hyun Lee
Konkuk University,
Republic of Korea
A Simple DNA Preparation Method for High Quality Polymerase Chain Reaction in Rice
Sung-Ryul Kim, Jungil Yang, Gynheung An, and Kshirod K. Jena
Received January 4, 2016; Accepted February 4, 2016.
Gene-Based Markers for the Tomato Yellow Leaf Curl Virus Resistance Gene Ty-3
Panpan Dong, Koeun Han, Muhammad Irfan Siddique, Jin-Kyung Kwon, Meiai Zhao, Fu Wang, and Byoung-Cheorl Kang
Received January 12, 2016; Accepted February 11, 2016.
High-Throughput SNP Genotyping to Accelerate Crop Improvement
Michael J. Thomson
Received September 19, 2014; Accepted September 23, 2014.

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