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Plant Breed. Biotech. 2021;9:259-359
Review Article
Gene Flow from Transgenic Rice to Conventional Rice in China
Xiao-Xuan Du, ZhongZe Piao, Kyung-Min Kim, Gang-Seob Lee
Plant Breed. Biotech. 2021;9:259-271
Research Articles
Image Based-Phenotyping and Selection Index Based on Multivariate Analysis for Rice Hydroponic Screening under Drought Stress
Adinda Asri Laraswati, Rusnadi Padjung, Muh Farid, Nasaruddin Nasaruddin, Muhammad Fuad Anshori, Amin Nur, Andi Isti Sakinah
Plant Breed. Biotech. 2021;9:272-286
Development of Molecular Markers for Specific Detection of Xanthomonas campestris pv. incanae
Mehede Hassan Rubel, Denison Michael Immanuel Jesse, Ujjal Kumar Nath, Jung-Hee Jeong, Hoy-Taek Kim, Jong-In Park, Ill-Sup Nou
Plant Breed. Biotech. 2021;9:287-297
Fine-Mapping of a Major Quantitative Trait Locus q2ID1 for Rice Stem Diameter
Ye-Ji Lee, Yeisoo Yu, Hyeonso Ji, Gang-Sub Lee, Nam-In Hyung, Keunpyo Lee, Tae-Ho Kim
Plant Breed. Biotech. 2021;9:298-309
Effects of Irrigation Conditions on Development of Mungbean (Vigna radiata L.) Sprouts
Byeong Cheol Kim, Insu Lim, Se Young Jeon, Minseo Kang, Jungmin Ha
Plant Breed. Biotech. 2021;9:310-317
Characterization of Genes Associated with Salt Tolerance Using Transcriptome Analysis and Quantitative Trait Loci Mapping in Rice
Dong-Min Kim, Ju-Won Kang, Kyu-Chan Shim, Hyun-Jung Kim, Thomas H. Tai, Sang-Nag Ahn
Plant Breed. Biotech. 2021;9:318-330
Evaluation of Bentazone Reaction by Growth Stage and Bentazone Dose Across Soybean Genotypes
Liakat Ali, Hyun Jo, Jong-Tae Song, Jeong-Dong Lee
Plant Breed. Biotech. 2021;9:331-344
Genome-Wide Association Study for Cold Tolerance in Rice Seedlings under Cold-Water Treatment
Na-Eun Kim, Soon-Wook Kwon, Jeonghwan Seo, Tae-Ho Ham, Joohyun Lee
Plant Breed. Biotech. 2021;9:345-354
Rapid Communication
Evaluation of the Rsistant to Bakanae Disease in Korean Rice Landraces (Oryza sativa L.)
Soon-Wook Kwon, Na-Eun Kim, Sang‑Hyeon Jin, Jeonghwan Seo, Tae-Ho Ham, Joohyun Lee
Plant Breed. Biotech. 2021;9:355-359
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Joo-Hyun Lee
Konkuk University,
Republic of Korea
A Simple DNA Preparation Method for High Quality Polymerase Chain Reaction in Rice
Sung-Ryul Kim, Jungil Yang, Gynheung An, and Kshirod K. Jena
Received January 4, 2016; Accepted February 4, 2016.
Gene-Based Markers for the Tomato Yellow Leaf Curl Virus Resistance Gene Ty-3
Panpan Dong, Koeun Han, Muhammad Irfan Siddique, Jin-Kyung Kwon, Meiai Zhao, Fu Wang, and Byoung-Cheorl Kang
Received January 12, 2016; Accepted February 11, 2016.
High-Throughput SNP Genotyping to Accelerate Crop Improvement
Michael J. Thomson
Received September 19, 2014; Accepted September 23, 2014.

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