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Table. 3.

Table. 3.

Stress tolerance index (STI) of morphometric characters for drought, salinity, and drought-salinity stress.

Treatment Variety Area Convexhull Bounding
Perimeter CentermassY
Drought V1 0.705mt 0.661mt 0.659mt 0.858mt 0.907mt
V2 0.920mt 0.905mt 0.976mt 1.002t 1.072t
V3 0.698mt 0.807mt 0.867mt 0.891mt 0.833mt
V4 0.773mt 0.847mt 0.917mt 0.922mt 0.967mt
V5 0.693mt 0.684mt 0.687mt 0.801mt 0.853mt

Salinity V1 0.741mt 0.743mt 0.729mt 0.778mt 1.010t
V2 0.886mt 0.900mt 0.904mt 0.982mt 0.939mt
V3 0.428mt 0.612mt 0.665mt 0.650mt 0.872mt
V4 0.777mt 0.895mt 0.922mt 0.946mt 1.050t
V5 0.666mt 0.701mt 0.736mt 0.762mt 0.887mt

Drought-Salinity V1 0.358s 0.361s 0.381s 0.548mt 0.629mt
V2 0.475s 0.497s 0.579mt 0.649mt 0.650mt
V3 0.266s 0.365s 0.378s 0.500mt 0.587mt
V4 0.398s 0.427s 0.465s 0.718mt 0.663mt
V5 0.471s 0.561mt 0.615mt 0.655mt 0.817mt

Notes. t = tolerant, mt = moderate tolerant, s = sensitive

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