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Table. 1.

Table. 1.

The description of the character groups in this study with their mathematical formulas.

Types Description Formula

Morphometric Traits
Area The area of a plant is denoted by the number of leaf pixels positioned above it per centimeter.
Convex hull The convex hull area denotes the smallest region bounded by an object's outer contour. The area of the convex hull was calculated using the pixel count per centimeter of the convex hull.
Bounding area The plant's bounding rectangle was the smallest rectangle that completely contained the plant. The value was determined by multiplying its width and height.
Compactness The object area divided by the convex hull area equals compactness. This can express plant density, including tillers and leaves.
Perimeter The measurement of the object's exterior boundary length.
Centermassy The Centre of mass Y shows the center of gravity of the y-axis.
Eccentricity Eccentricity is a mathematical parameter associated with the conic section. The value is specified between 0 and 1, with 0 representing a circle and 1 representing a line, to show the form of the plant.
PAR Perimeter Area Ratio Plant Perimeter/Total Projected Shoot Area
TBR Total plant area/bounding rectangle area ratio Total projected plant area/bounding rectangle area

Colorimetric Traits

VEG Vegetation Index g/((r0.667)xb0.333)
CIVE Color Index of Vegetation Extraction 0.441R-0.811G+0.385B+18.787
VARI Visible Atmospherically Resistant Index (g-r)/(g+r-b)
RGBVI Red Green Blue Vegetation index (G2-RxB)/(G2+BxR)
MGRVI Modified Green Red Vegetation Index (G2-R2)/(G2+R2)
NDI Normalized Difference Index (R-G)/(G+R)
GLI Green Leaf Index (2xG-R-B)/(R+2xG+B)
NGRDI Normalized Green-Red Difference Index (G-R)/(G+R)

Additional Information of Colorimetric Traits Formula

R Digital number of red channels
G Digital number of green channels
B Digital number of blue channels
r Normalized red R/(R+G+B)
g Normalized green G/(R+G+B)
b Normalized blue B/(R+G+B)
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