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Fig. 1.

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Fig. 1. Pathways supressing COs frequency in plants. Restriction of COs frequency across the Arabidopsis genome results into approximately 11 and 2 COs per genome and chromosome each, repectively (see main text for explanation). During meiotic cell division, DSBs that are the COs precursors could be repaired to either COs (through class I or class II pathways) or NCOs (through SDSA pathway). The class I COs is suppressed through interaction of COs supressing gene, HCR1, with PP4 phosphatase complex to limit the interfering COs that is opposed to the pro-recombination kinases activity. The class II COs are suprssed through the activity of COs repressing elements (FANCM, FIGL1, RECQ4, TOP3a, and FLIP) that result in the prohibition of COs formation via class II COs formation pathway during strand invasion or D-loop formation (Choi, 2017; Li et al. 2021).
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