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Fig. 4.

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Fig. 4. Development of gene-specific markers for PDIL1-1. (A) Genotype data using a CAPs marker. PCR products were subjected to PvuII digestion and then separation on a 3% agarose gel. Two digested fragments (108 bp and 46 bp) were observed in KNU japonica rice accessions having a G SNP at position -4973180; whereas, only a single undigested band (154 bp) was present in KNU japonica rice accessions having an A SNP. Upper and lower figures showed the PCR products before and after digestion, respectively. Genotype data using InDel markers, namely (B) Dominant marker and (C) Co-dominant marker. For dominant marker, PCR amplification (429 bp) was scored as the presence (1) or absence (0) of band. Band presence (1) = ATTCG. Band absence (0) = G SNP. For co-dominant marker, PCR amplification was scored as 1 and 3 for ATTCG and G, respectively. Lanes: 1: RWG-140; 2: RWG-142; 3: RWG-148; 4: RWG-159; 5: RWG-143; 6: RWG-144; 7: RWG-146; 8: RWG-179; 9: RWG-150; 10: RWG-185; 11: RWG-188; 12: RWG-224; 13: RWG-247; 14: Hwayeong; 15: Dodamssal. M: 100 bp plus DNA ladder.
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