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Fig. 1.

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Fig. 1. The PDIL1-1 gene structure and sequence variants between Hwayeong and Dodamssal. Numbers on top indicate the physical SNP position in bp with the corresponding nucleotide in red. Gray boxes indicate the 5’ and 3’ UTR regions, black boxes and lines between black boxes indicate exons and introns, respectively. SNP variants of the accessions in the exons leading to changes in the amino acid compared to the Nipponbare as the reference are underlined with the corresponding amino acid in the parentheses. Ala: Alanine, Ile: Isoleucine, Val: Valine, Glu: Glutamic acid, Lys:Lysine, Pro: Proline, Met: Methionine, Leu: Leucine, Thr: Threonine, Asp: Aspartic acid, Gln: Glutamine.
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