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Table. 2.

Table. 2.

Agronomic traits and seed weight of four soybean genotypes evaluated from three planting dates.

Genotype Plant height (cm) Number of nodes per plant Number of branches per plant Number of pods per plant 100-seed weight (g) Number of total seeds per plant Total seed weight (g)z)
FS1159 58.1a,y) 15.7a 5.6a 109.0ab 20.3b 261.7abc 149.5ab
Jinpung 46.1c 13.0b 6.5a 101.5b 29.3a 195.8bc 155.3a
PE2248 43.7c 14.8ab 5.9a 159.0a 13.8c 324.0a 110.2b
Pungsannamul 45.1c 15.9a 6.8a 149.5ab 13.7c 303.3ab 121.0ab
Uram 53.5b 13.3b 5.8a 93.7b 30.5a 166.8c 137.5ab

y)The same letter within each agronomic trait indicates no significant difference base on least square difference (P < 0.05).

z)Averaged total seed weight of five single plants from each plot.

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