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Table. 1.

Table. 1.

Agronomic characteristics of original materials (seven accessions and one cultivar) and 28 mutants.

Symbol Accession no./sources Plant height (cm) Panicle length (cm) Stalks diameter (mm) Sugar content (brix) Fresh weight (kg)
C1 IT100992 271.67e 21.33d 17.25ab 9.53ab 3.77a
B1 Irradiated 100 Gy 373.33d 38bc 21.1ab 7.47bc 2.97a
B2 Irradiated 100 Gy 443bc 44.33abc 23.32a 7.63bc 3.0a
SY1 Irradiated 100 Gy 404cd 42.67abc 23.97a 11.73a 2.8a
SY2 Irradiated 100 Gy 519.67a 46ab 17.97ab 7.57bc 2.83a
SY3 Irradiated 100 Gy 419.33c 44.33abc 17.11ab 6c 2.47a
SY4 Irradiated 100 Gy 369d 34.67c 14.92b 8.1bc 1.03a
SY5 Irradiated 100 Gy 465.67b 52.67a 19.1ab 6.3bc 2.87a
C2 IT124065 281d 15.33c 15.59c 13.8a 3.1a
B3 Irradiated 100 Gy 443.33a 53a 20.9b 10.43a 2.8ab
B4 Irradiated 200 Gy 340b 19c 32.97a 12.6a 1.5c
E1 Irradiated 200 Gy 311c 28b 18.19bc 12.47a 2.73b
C3 IT124115 290c 35a 21.89bc 17.3a 2.9bc
B5 Irradiated 400 Gy 422.67a 32.33a 23.98b 8.87c 3.43a
B6 Irradiated 400 Gy 332b 30.67a 22.07bc 9.13c 2.7c
SY6 Irradiated 300 Gy 261c 31a 32.31a 12.8b 1.5d
SY7 Irradiated 400 Gy 454.33a 36a 19.35c 7.23d 3b
C4 IT028269 369.33b 32.33b 18.92b 9.03b 3.2a
SY8 Irradiated 200 Gy 437a 40.33ab 26.19a 13.43a 2.97a
SY9 Irradiated 200 Gy 413.33ab 45.33a 24.87a 10.8b 2.9a
C7 IS8777 357c 25b 17.03a 15.73a 2.37c
B7 Irradiated 200 Gy 442.67b 46a 19.1a 14.77a 2.73b
B8 Irradiated 200 Gy 553.67a 44.33a 21.7a 7.9b 3.13a
B9 Irradiated 200 Gy 387.33bc 25.33b 17.99a 14.57a 2.67bc
C10 IS20740 347.67bc 31.33a 16.69a 10.73b 2.53a
E4 Irradiated 300 Gy 367.67b 35.67a 17.83a 12.63ab 2.53a
B10 Irradiated 100 Gy 328c 31a 19.82a 16.5a 1b
B11 Irradiated 200 Gy 424.33a 36.33a 19.34a 9.93b 2.6a
C12 IS27887 364b 33.67b 25.84a 11.2a 3.4a
B12 Irradiated 200 Gy 375.33b 31b 17.09b 11.93a 2.5c
B13 Irradiated 400 Gy 424a 49a 20.85b 13.6a 2.83b
C13 Dansusu2ho 294.33b 25b 20.39a 14.67ab 2.5b
E2 Irradiated 100 Gy 338.33ab 38a 18.77a 16.73a 2.53ab
E3 Irradiated 300 Gy 333ab 26b 21.67a 15.7ab 2.7ab
SY10 Irradiated 100 Gy 345.67ab 33.33ab 17.68a 16.43a 2.43b
SY11 Irradiated 200 Gy 402.67a 32.67ab 22.3a 13.37b 2.83a

C: control, B: biomass, E: early maturing, SY: seed yield.

aSignificant difference at the 5% level as determined by Duncan’s test.

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