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Fig. 2.

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Fig. 2. Reciprocal Micro-Tom/M82 hybrids show an intermediate flowering time. (A) Representative main shoot of a Micro-Tom/M82 hybrid plant showing sympodial growth of a five-weeks-old seedling with a magnified image of inflorescences and sympodial shoots. Red arrows in the enlarged shoot apices indicate inflorescences. L, leaves; D, determinate; scale bars, 5 cm. (B) Quantification and comparison of flowering times from primary shoot and successive sympodial shoots of Micro-Tom, reciprocal hybrids (M82/Micro-Tom and Micro-Tom/M82), and M82. Bar graphs show mean values ± s.e. Different letters indicate significant differences between samples according to a one-way ANOVA followed by Student’s t-test (P < 0.05); n, number of replicates.
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