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Table. 2.

Table. 2.

The interaction effects of soybean accession and growth stage as well as the main effect of growth stage on leaf necrosis, visual score, plant height, fresh weight, and dry weight.

Genotype Growth stage Leaf necrosis (%) Visual score (1-5)x) Plant height (cm) Fresh weight (g) Dry weight (g)
Control Treatment Indexw) Control Treatment Indexw) Control Treatment Indexw)
CMJ091 VC 2.5dz) 1.2c 16.6bcd 14.7def 89a 3.23abc 2.59bcdefg 80a 0.78abcd 0.61bcdefg 78a
V1 4.2cd 1.2c 20.0ab 17.2bcd 86a 3.7abc 2.88bcdefg 78a 1.00abc 0.76abcd 76a
V2 3.7cd 1.1c 21.7a 20.3a 93a 4.47ab 4.15a 93a 1.16a 1.01a 87a
CMJ416 VC 1.7d 1.1c 13.8cdef 12.3fgh 89a 2.08c 1.76gh 85a 0.45d 0.388fgh 86a
V1 3.3d 1.1c 17.6abc 14.9cdef 85a 3.08bc 2.69bcdefg 87a 0.72abcd 0.53cdefg 74a
V2 2.3d 1.1c 19.5ab 18.3ab 94a 3.5abc 3.18abcd 91a 0.92abcd 0.72abcdef 78a
Daepung VC 2.7d 2.1bc 14.7cde 13.8efg 94a 2.73bc 1.95defgh 71a 0.56cd 0.42efgh 75a
V1 5.4cd 2.1bc 17.3bc 15.3cde 88a 3.68abc 3.15ancde 86a 0.83abcd 0.63bcdef 76a
V2 5.8cd 2.2abc 19.2ab 17.6abc 92a 4.53ab 3.43abc 76a 1.14a 0.78abc 68a
Williams 82 VC 4.5cd 2.2bc 13.8cdef 12.3fgh 89a 2.51bc 1.87fgh 75a 0.58cd 0.44efgh 76a
V1 6.4bcd 2.2abc 17.0bc 14.9cdef 88a 3.68abc 3.1abcdef 84a 0.79abcd 0.60bcdefg 76a
V2 6.4bcd 2.2abc 19.9ab 17.0bcd 86a 5.21a 3.61ab 69a 1.09ab 0.87ab 80a
CMJ169 VC 34.8a 3.4ab 14.8cde 11.5gh 78a 2.49bc 0.87h 35a 0.56cd 0.19h 34a
V1 22.2ab 3.5ab 17.9abc 13.6efg 76a 3.39abc 1.82gh 54a 0.85abcd 0.36fgh 42a
V2 34.8a 3.6a 20.6ab 17.2bcd 83a 3.85abc 2.04defgh 53a 1.01abc 0.42efgh 42a
Hannam VC 22.0ab 3.5ab 9.7f 8.2i 85a 1.89c 0.78h 41a 0.43d 0.18h 42a
V1 19.3abc 3.5ab 11.9ef 9.6hi 81a 2.82bc 1.90efgh 67a 0.64bcd 0.36fgh 56a
V2 27.3a 3.5ab 12.5def 11.3gh 90a 3.30abc 2.19cdefg 66a 0.77abcd 0.47defgh 61a
Mean VC 11.4 2.3 13.9 12.1 87a 2.49 1.64 66a 0.56 0.37 66a
V1 10.1 2.3 170 14.3 84a 3.39 2.59 76a 0.80 0.53 66a
V2 13.4 2.3 18.9 16.9 89a 4.14 3.10 75a 1.02 0.72 71a
LSD (0.05)y) 4.6 0.4 1.5 1.0 5.9 0.5 0.35 21 0.1 0.1 22

Data combined from three tests and three doses.

z)Means having a different letter(s) within a column are significantly different according to P < 0.05 level.

y)LSD (0.05) for comparison the mean of growth stage.

x)Visual score was given in a 1-5 scale, where 1-no apparent burn spots; 2-a few burn spots; 3-less than half burn spots; 4-more than half of the leaves showed spots; 5-the whole soybean leaves showed large areas of burn spots and withered.

w)Index of all traits were computed relative to control values, where the performance of control was considered as 100 percent.

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