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Fig. 5.

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Fig. 5. Yeast two-hybrid analysis. (A) Interaction tests between OsGRA19 and OsGRAS32, (B) OsGRAS19 and SMOS1, (C) OsGRAS32 and SMOS1. The yeast cells were grown on SD/LW, after which an interaction assay was conducted on the SD/LWA medium at 30℃. (D) Interaction analysis between MOC1 and OsGRAS19, OsGRAS32, SMOS1. MOC1 was used as a bait, whereas the proteins, OsGRAS19, OsGRAS32, and SMOS1, were used as prey. Interaction assay was performed in SD/-Ade/-His medium at 30°C. pGBKT7-53 and pGADT7-T plasmids were used as positive control (+).
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