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Fig. 1.

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Fig. 1. Phenotype analysis of osgras19 and osgras32 mutants. (A, G) Phenotypes of osgras19 and osgras32 plants. (B, H) Leaf phenotypes of osgras19 and osgras32 plants at the mature leaf stage. (C, I) Comparison of lamina joint bending phenotypes of both mutants. (D, J) The genomic structure of OsGRAS19 and OsGRAS32. Primers (a, b, and c) used for genotyping. (E, K) Genotyping analysis of osgras19 and osgras32 mutants. Phenotypes were co-segregated with T-DNA insertion. (F, L) RT-PCR of OsGRAS19 and OsGRAS32 transcripts in the WT and osgras19 and osgras32 mutants. OsActin was used as a control.
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