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Table. 5.

Table. 5.

Effect of B. rapa genotypes on cross ability for different characters in B. oleracea × B. rapa crosses when the varieties of B. rapa used as pollen parents.

Name of the crosses Siliqua setting (%) Cross success (%) Seeds per pollinated flower (%) Seeds per siliqua (%)
Alboglabra-1 × Agrani 28.33d 2.14ab 4.73d 15.93f
Alboglabra-1 × Binasarisha-6 38.33ab 3.80a 10.71ab 26.30ab
Alboglabra-1 × Safal 36.10bc 3.72ab 8.91bc 23.74bc
Alboglabra-1 × Sampad 40.56a 2.93ab 12.56a 28.93a
Alboglabra-1 × BARI Sarisha-14 29.80d 2.81ab 6.01cd 19.03def
Alboglabra-1 × BARI Sarisha-6 32.15cd 2.57ab 7.02cd 21.20cde
Alboglabra-1 × BARI Sarisha-9 31.61d 2.08b 5.63d 16.38f
Alboglabra-1 × BARI Sarisha-12 31.48d 3.68ab 7.38cd 22.15cd
Alboglabra-1 × Tori-7 32.65cd 2.17ab 6.13cd 17.65ef
Mean 33.44 2.88 7.67 21.25

Mean values having the common letter(s) are statistically identical.

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