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Fig. 2.

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Fig. 2. Height growth phenotype analysis and thermal images of C. obtusa seedling under drought treatment. (a) Volumetric water content in the soil of the control- and drought-treated plant pots. The soil moisture was measured every 2 days for 33 days. The control plants were watered throughout the experiment. (b) The effect of drought on the shoot growth of the C. obtusa seedlings from Jeju, Suwon, Seoul, Seongnam, Yong-in, and Osan. The values are the means ± SD (n = 10). (c) Growth phenotypes of C. obtusa Jeju, Suwon, Seoul, Seongnam, Yong-in, and Osan seedlings were subjected to drought treatment. Control plants (left) and drought-treated plants (right) after 33 days. Infrared thermal images.
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