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Fig. 1.

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Fig. 1. Dendrograms showing the genetic relationships among six durum and twelve bread wheat genotypes based on phenotypic data (A) and thirty SSR markers (B). DSI: values of drought susceptibility index of the studied genotypes. G1: BeniSuef-1, G2: BeniSuef-5, G3: Svevo, G4: Ciccio, G5: Sohag-3, G6: WK-12-1, G7: Line-6, G8: Pavon-F76, G9: KBG-01, G10: Gemmeiza-7, G11: L.S-15, G12: L.S-16, G13: Sakha-8, G14: L.1x15, G15: CHAM-8, G16: SIDS-1, G17: Giza-168 and G18: Sonora-64.
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