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Table. 6.

Table. 6.

The texture of cooked rice and Rapid viscosity analysis (RVA) of starch in eight rice lines.

Lines Texture Rapid viscosity analysis (RVA)

Hardness (g/cm) Stickiness Balance (Stick./Hard.) Springness Peak 1 Trough 1 Breakdown Final Visc. Setback Pasting Temp Peak Time
Nampyeong 4.45b z) 0.60b 0.13c 0.72d 219.6b 154.7a 64.9c 251.8a 32.2a 70.9ab 6.5a
Milky Queen 4.06c 0.60a 0.15b 0.70bcd 300.3a 127.8a 172.5a 177.8c ‒122.5d 71.3a 5.6c
LGC soft 3.42d 0.50ab 0.15b 0.69d 215.1b 64.0cd 151.1a 103.4d ‒111.7d 70.3ab 5.2d
LGC1 5.09a 0.42b 0.08c 0.71abcd 240.5b 126.2b 114.3b 228.8b ‒11.7b 69.9bc 6.0b
Baegjinju 3.00e 0.58a 0.19a 0.72ab 164.2c 58.1d 106.1b 89.8e ‒74.4c 69.4c 5.2d
Geunyag2 3.58d 0.58a 0.16b 0.71abcd 215.9b 65.2c 150.7a 105.9d ‒110.1d 69.5c 5.3d
Milyang319 2.41f 0.48ab 0.20a 0.72abc 121.3d 29.3e 92.1b 50.8f ‒70.5c 67.0d 3.8e
Shinseonchal 3.09e 0.62a 0.20a 0.73a 72.0e 30.5e 41.5c 38.6g ‒33.4b 68.9c 3.4f

z)Significantly different between varieties at the 5% probability level by DMRT.

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