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Table. 5.

Table. 5.

The grain appearance of brown and milled rice in eight lines.

Lines Grain quality of brown rice (mass %) Grain quality of milled rice (mass %)

Whole Cracked Immature Damaged Colored Dead Normal Chalky Broken Damaged Cracked Objectionable seeds
Nampyeong 68.5a z) 11.9d 15.6e 3.0c 0.4ab 0.5bcd 83.9a 3.0g 2.8d 0.4d 7.3d 2.7b
Milky Queen 33.0c 40.5a 17.7e 8.5b 0.2b 0.1cd 33.0c 22.5e 18.3a 1.7c 24.4b 0.0c
LGC soft 32.7c 14.7c 47.6d 4.1c 0.8a 0.1cd 35.5c 39.0d 10.1b 3.2b 12.1c 0.1c
LGC1 47.6b 32.6b 15.3e 3.8c 0.4ab 0.2cd 44.1b 9.5f 10.9b 1.7c 33.7a 0.0c
Baegjinju 4.0ef 1.4fg 83.3a 9.7b 0.5ab 1.1bcd 0.4e 78.8b 17.2a 3.2b 0.4e 0.0c
Geunyang2 27.0d 6.4e 61.3c 4.7c 0.5ab 0.0d 26.3d 61.7c 6.3c 3.2b 2.5e 0.0c
Milyang319 7.0e 1.6f 77.1b 13.3a 0.2b 0.7bc 0.8e 87.6a 9.3bc 1.5c 0.5e 0.2c
Shinseon-chal 2.5f 0.1g 85.2a 8.5b 0.4ab 3.2a 0.1e 75.4b 6.1c 4.7a 0.0e 13.6a

z)Significantly different between varieties at the 5% probability level by DMRT.

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