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Table. 4.

Table. 4.

The physicochemical properties of eight rice lines.

Lines Protein (%) Amylose (%) 1.4% KOH (1-7) α-amylase (Units/g) Palatability (Toyo value)
Nampyeong 5.5b z) 21.6b 5.5 0.0336c 78.2a
Milky-Queen 5.1c 15.7c 5.0 0.0223f 78.6a
LGC-soft 5.6b 14.5d 5.5 0.0379b 72.6bc
LGC1 5.0c 22.9a 6.5 0.0249e 64.4d
Baegjinju 5.4b 12.2f 5.5 0.0343c 73.6b
Geunyang2 6.2a 14.1e 5.5 0.0566a 71.1c
Milyang319 4.7c 9.0g 6.0 0.0290d 73.9b
Shinseonchal 5.5b 8.6h 6.0 0.0348c 65.2d

z)Significant difference between varieties at the 5% probability level by DMRT.

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