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Plant Breeding and Biotechnology 2015;3:179-281
Review Article
Soybean [Glycine max (L.) Merrill]: Importance as A Crop and Pedigree Reconstruction of Korean Varieties
Chaeyoung Lee, Man-Soo Choi, Hyun-Tae Kim, Hong-Tai Yun, Byungwook Lee, Young-Soo Chung, Ryan W. Kim, and Hong-Kyu Choi
Plant Breeding and Biotechnology 2015;3:179-196
Research Articles
Genome-wide RNA-seq Analysis of Differentially Expressed Transcription Factor Genes Against Bacterial Leaf Pustule in Soybean
Kil Hyun Kim, Yang Jae Kang, Sangrea Shim, Min-Jung Seo, Seong-Bum Baek, Jeom-Ho Lee, Sang Koo Park, Tae Hwan Jun, Jung-Kyung Moon, Suk-Ha Lee, and Chang-Hwan Park
Plant Breeding and Biotechnology 2015;3:197-207
Genome-wide Detection of DNA Polymorphisms Between Two Korean Japonica Rice Varieties
In-Seon Jeong, Tae-Ho Kim, Seung-Bum Lee, Seok-Chul Suh, and Hyeonso Ji
Plant Breeding and Biotechnology 2015;3:208-215
Genetic Diversity Among Korean Rice Landraces (Oryza sativa L.) Based on Characters and SSR Markers
Kyung Jun Lee, Jong-Ro Lee, Gi-An Lee, Ho Sun Lee, Soon Ik Kwon, Yong-Gu Cho, Yang-Hee Cho, Kyung-Ho Ma, Sok-Young Lee, and Jong-Wook Chung
Plant Breeding and Biotechnology 2015;3:216-225
Efficient Development of Transgenic Cabbage with Jasmonic Acid Carboxyl Methyltransferase (JMT) Gene Based on PMI/Mannose Selection System
Seul-Hye Hur, and Byung-Whan Min
Plant Breeding and Biotechnology 2015;3:226-237
Transformation of Somatic Embryos of Prunus incisa ‘February Pink’ with a Visible Reporter Gene
Eun Ju Cheong, and Margaret R. Pooler
Plant Breeding and Biotechnology 2015;3:238-243
QTL Mapping of Rice Root Traits at Different NH4+ Levels in Hydroponic Condition
Pyeong-Sook Kim, Dong-Min Kim, Ju-Won Kang, Hyun-Sook Lee, and Sang-Nag Ahn
Plant Breeding and Biotechnology 2015;3:244-252
Selection of Tolerant Rice Germplasm Through Phenotypic and Genotypic Evaluation for Germination Under Low Temperatures
Do Yoon Hyun, Yu-Mi Choi, Sukyeung Lee, Myung-Chul Lee, Sejong Oh, and Thomas H. Tai
Plant Breeding and Biotechnology 2015;3:253-263
Rice Anther Protein Identification by Shotgun Proteomic Analysis
Joohyun Lee
Plant Breeding and Biotechnology 2015;3:264-273
Breeding for Heat Tolerance Rice Based on Marker-Assisted Backcrosing in Vietnam
Nguyen Thi Lang, Pham Thi Thu Ha, Pham Cong Tru, Tran Bao Toan, Bui Chi Buu, and Young-Chan Cho
Plant Breeding and Biotechnology 2015;3:274-281
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Yong-Gu Cho
Chungbuk National University
High-Throughput SNP Genotyping to Accelerate Crop Improvement
Michael J. Thomson
Received September 19, 2014; Accepted September 23, 2014.
Heritable Epigenetic Variation and its Potential Applications for Crop Improvement
Changqing Zhang, and Tzung-Fu Hsieh
Received December 11, 2013; Accepted December 26, 2013.
Evaluation of SSR and SNP Markers for Molecular Breeding in Rice
Zennia Jean Gonzaga, Kashif Aslam, Endang M. Septiningsih, and Bertrand C.Y. Collard
Received May 31, 2015; Accepted June 19, 2015.