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Plant Breeding and Biotechnology 2017;5:143-251
Review Article
How Durable is Root Knot Nematode Resistance in Tomato?
M. Harunur Rashid, M. H. Al-Mamun, and M. Nazim Uddin
Plant Breeding and Biotechnology 2017;5:143-162
Research Articles
Evaluation of Genetic Divergence in Spanish Bunch Groundnut (Arachis hypogaea Linn.) Genotypes
Saikat Gantait, Sunil Kumar Gunri, Rajib Kundu, and Soumitra Chatterjee
Plant Breeding and Biotechnology 2017;5:163-171
The Interrelationship of Agronomic and Physiological Traits as Affected by Irrigation Regimes in Wheat: Application of Multivariate Statistical Analyses
Samaneh Zamani-Babgohari, Bahram Heidari, and Ali Dadkhodaie
Plant Breeding and Biotechnology 2017;5:172-182
Development of SSR Markers and Their Use in Studying Genetic Diversity and Population of Finger Millet (Eleusine coracana L. Gaertn.)
Kyung Jun Lee, Mun-Sup Yoon, Myoung-Jae Shin, Jung-Ro Lee, Yang-Hee Cho, Ho-Sun Lee, Kyung-Ho Ma, and Gi-An Lee
Plant Breeding and Biotechnology 2017;5:183-191
Compositional Analysis of Lentil (Lens culinaris) Cultivars Related to Colors and Their Antioxidative Activity
So-Young Lee, Yun-Soo Yeo, Soo-Yun Park, Seong-Gon Lee, Si-Myung Lee, Hyun-Suk Cho, Nam-Jin Chung, and Seon-Woo Oh
Plant Breeding and Biotechnology 2017;5:192-203
Inhibitors Targeting ABA Biosynthesis and Catabolism Can Be Used to Accurately Discriminate between Haploid and Diploid Maize Kernels during Germination
Jun Soo Kwak, Sung-Il Kim, Jong Tae Song, Si Wan Ryu, and Hak Soo Seo
Plant Breeding and Biotechnology 2017;5:204-212
Genetic Diversity and Population Structure of Mongolian Wheat Based on SSR Markers: Implications for Conservation and Management
Narantsetseg Ya, Sebastin Raveendar, N Bayarsukh, Myagmarsuren Ya, Jung-Ro Lee, Kyung-Jun Lee, Myoung-Jae Shin, Gyu-Taek Cho, Kyung-Ho Ma, and Gi-An Lee
Plant Breeding and Biotechnology 2017;5:213-220
Characterization of Complete Chloroplast Genome of Allium victorialis and Its Application for Barcode Markers
Junki Lee, JaeKyung Chon, JongSung Lim, Eun-Kyoung Kim, and Gyoungju Nah
Plant Breeding and Biotechnology 2017;5:221-227
Fruit Quality and Chemical Contents of Hybrid Boysenberry (Rubus ursinus) Lines Developed by Hybridization and Gamma Irradiation
Jaihyunk Ryu, Soon-Jae Kwon, Yeong Deuk Jo, Hong-Il Choi, Kyung-Yun Kang, Bo mi Nam, Dong-Gun Kim, Chang-Hyun Jin, Jin-Baek Kim, Ee-Yup Kim, Seung Cheol Oh, Bo-Keun Ha, and Si-Yong Kang
Plant Breeding and Biotechnology 2017;5:228-236
Overexpression of a Chromatin Architecture-Controlling ATPG7 has Positive Effect on Yield Components in Transgenic Soybean
Hye Jeong Kim, Hyun Suk Cho, Jun Hun Pak, Kook Jin Kim, Dong Hee Lee, and Young-Soo Chung
Plant Breeding and Biotechnology 2017;5:237-242
The Complete Chloroplast Genome Sequence and Intra-Species Diversity of Rhus chinensis
Inseo Kim, Jee Young Park, Yun Sun Lee, Ho Jun Joh, Shin Jae Kang, Jayakodi Murukarthick, Hyun Oh Lee, Young-Jin Hur, Yong Kim, Kyung Hoon Kim, Sang-Choon Lee, and Tae-Jin Yang
Plant Breeding and Biotechnology 2017;5:243-251
Plant Breeding and Biotechnology (PBB) publishes original and peer-reviewed research and review articles in all areas of basic and practical researches in the field of plant breeding and biotechnology including breeding methodologies, genetics, and genomics of ......
Tae-Jin Yang
Seoul National University
High-Throughput SNP Genotyping to Accelerate Crop Improvement
Michael J. Thomson
Received September 19, 2014; Accepted September 23, 2014.
Gene-Based Markers for the Tomato Yellow Leaf Curl Virus Resistance Gene Ty-3
Panpan Dong, Koeun Han, Muhammad Irfan Siddique, Jin-Kyung Kwon, Meiai Zhao, Fu Wang, and Byoung-Cheorl Kang
Received January 12, 2016; Accepted February 11, 2016.
Targeted Genome Editing for Crop Improvement
Hyeran Kim, Sang-Tae Kim, Sang-Gyu Kim, and Jin-Soo Kim
Received October 30, 2015; Accepted November 23, 2015.

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