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Plant Breeding and Biotechnology 2016;4:107-270
Review Articles
Repeat Evolution in Brassica rapa (AA), B. oleracea (CC), and B. napus (AACC) Genomes
Nomar Espinosa Waminal, Sampath Perumal, Jonghoon Lee, Hyun Hee Kim, and Tae-Jin Yang
Plant Breeding and Biotechnology 2016;4:107-122
Modification of Fatty Acid Profiles of Rapeseed (Brassica napus L.) Oil for Using as Food, Industrial Feed-Stock and Biodiesel
Ujjal Kumar Nath, Hoy-Taek Kim, Khadiza Khatun, Jong-In Park, Kwon-Kyoo Kang, and Ill-Sup Nou
Plant Breeding and Biotechnology 2016;4:123-134
Research on Biotic and Abiotic Stress Related Genes Exploration and Prediction in Brassica rapa and B. oleracea: A Review
Md. Abdul Kayum, Hoy-Taek Kim, Ujjal Kumar Nath, Jong-In Park, Kang Hee Kho, Yong-Gu Cho, and Ill-Sup Nou
Plant Breeding and Biotechnology 2016;4:135-144
Research Articles
Differential Expression of Flowering Genes between Rapid- and Slow-Cycling Brassica rapa
Hayong Song, Xiangshu Dong, Hankuil Yi, Ill-Sup Nou, and Yoonkang Hur
Plant Breeding and Biotechnology 2016;4:145-157
Assessment of the Response of Beta Carotene Enhanced Transgenic Soybeans to Soybean Mosaic Virus (SMV)
Yang Qin, Kong-Sik Shin, Jang-Kyun Seo, Myung-Ho Lim, Young-Soo Chung, Hyun-Suk Cho, Seong-Kon Lee, and Hee-Jong Woo
Plant Breeding and Biotechnology 2016;4:158-169
Breeding of Black Soybean Line with ti and le Allele
Sangwoo Choi, Sungjin Han, Mikyung Sung, and Jong Il Chung
Plant Breeding and Biotechnology 2016;4:170-175
Optimization of Temperature Regime to Screen Cold Tolerant Rice Seedlings
Ung-Jo Hyun, Sang-Min Yeo, Sang-Bok Lee, Jeong-Heui Lee, Jong-Min Jeong, Yeaul-Kyu Seong, Dae-Ha Seo, Yong-Jae Won, Eok-Keun Ahn, Jeom Ho Lee, Jun-Cheol Mun, and Cheol-Seong Jang
Plant Breeding and Biotechnology 2016;4:176-187
Identification of Quantitative Trait Loci Associated with Grain Shape Using Cheongchenong/Nagdong Double Haploid Lines in Rice
Home Regina Wacera, Hyun-Suk Lee, and Kyung-Min Kim
Plant Breeding and Biotechnology 2016;4:188-197
Parentage Confirmation of Korean Bred Pear Cultivars by Simple Sequence Repeat SSR Genotyping and S-Genotypes Analysis
Hoy-Taek Kim, Arif Hasan Khan Robin, and Ill-Sup Nou
Plant Breeding and Biotechnology 2016;4:198-211
Characterization and Expression Analysis of Peroxidases and Glucan Synthase Like Genes in Cucumis melo L
Jewel Howlader, Kanij Rukshana Sumi, Hoy-Taek Kim, Arif Hasan Khan Robin, Jong-In Park, Mi-Young Chung, and Ill-Sup Nou
Plant Breeding and Biotechnology 2016;4:212-224
Identification of a New Race and Development of DNA Markers Associated with Powdery Mildew in Melon
Hoy-Taek Kim, Jong-In Park, Arif Hasan Khan Robin, Tomoko Ishikawa, Maki Kuzuya, Manabu Horii, Katsutoshi Yashiro, and Ill-Sup Nou
Plant Breeding and Biotechnology 2016;4:225-233
Genotypic Variation among Okra (Abelmoschus esculentus (L.) Moench) Germplasms in South India
Kishor Doddanakatte Shivaramegowda, Arya Krishnan, Yogeesh Kebbahalli Jayaramu, Vinod Kumar, Yashoda, and Hee-Jong Koh
Plant Breeding and Biotechnology 2016;4:234-241
Comparison of Phytochemicals and Antioxidant Activity in Blackberry (Rubus fruticosus L.) Fruits of Mutant Lines at the Different Harvest Time
Jaihyunk Ryu, Soon-Jae Kwon, Yeong Deuk Jo, Chang Hyun Jin, Bo Mi Nam, Seung Young Lee, Sang Wook Jeong, Seung Bin Im, Seung Cheol Oh, Lan Cho, Bo-Keun Ha, and Si-Yong Kang
Plant Breeding and Biotechnology 2016;4:242-251
Phenotypic Analysis of Seed Yield and Yield Components in Cowpea (Vigna unguiculata L., Walp)
Olawale Mashood Aliyu, and Bukola Oluwaseun Makinde
Plant Breeding and Biotechnology 2016;4:252-261
Estimates of Genetic Variability for Seedling Traits in Fluted Pumpkin (Telfairia occidentalis Hook. F)
Lawrence Stephen Fayeun, Lateef Akinkunle Hammed, Olusegun Adebayo Oduwaye, Jide Umar Madike, and Edith Uqueen Ushie
Plant Breeding and Biotechnology 2016;4:262-270
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Yong-Gu Cho
Chungbuk National University
High-Throughput SNP Genotyping to Accelerate Crop Improvement
Michael J. Thomson
Received September 19, 2014; Accepted September 23, 2014.
Targeted Genome Editing for Crop Improvement
Hyeran Kim, Sang-Tae Kim, Sang-Gyu Kim, and Jin-Soo Kim
Received October 30, 2015; Accepted November 23, 2015.
Heritable Epigenetic Variation and its Potential Applications for Crop Improvement
Changqing Zhang, and Tzung-Fu Hsieh
Received December 11, 2013; Accepted December 26, 2013.