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Development of Polymorphic SSR Markers from Pinus densiflora (Pinaceae) Natural Population in Korea
Plant Breeding and Biotechnology 2019;7:67-71
Published online March 1, 2019
© 2019 Korean Society of Breeding Science.

Hee Chung1†, Jaebok Lee1†, Jinsu Gil1, Yurry Um2, Ji Hyun Kim1, Min Yeong Hwang1, Ho Bang Kim3, Chang Pyo Hong4, Shin Gi Park4, Donghwan Shim5, Yi Lee1*

1Department of Industrial Plant Science & Technology, Chungbuk National University, Cheongju 28644, Korea
2Forest Medicinal Resources Research Center, National Institute of Forest Science, Yeongju 36040, Korea
3Life Sciences Research Institute, Biomedic Co., Ltd., Bucheon 14548, Korea
4Theragen Etex Bio Institute, Theragen Etex, Suwon 16229, Korea
5Department of Forest Genetic Resources, National Institute of Forest Science, Suwon 16631, Korea
Corresponding author: Yi Lee,, Tel: +82-43-261-3373, Fax: +82-43-271-0413
These authors contributed equally.
Received February 15, 2019; Revised February 17, 2019; Accepted February 17, 2019.
This is an Open-Access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial License ( which permits unrestricted non-commercial use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.
Simple sequence repeat (SSR) markers were developed from Pinus densiflora, a species native to Asia, to investigate its genetic diversity and population structure in order to provide information for the management and breeding of this species. Using next-generation sequencing, a total of 1,008 putatively polymorphic SSR primer sets were designed. Seventeen polymorphic SSR markers in 121 individuals belonging to four natural populations of P. densiflora were identified and characterized, with three to seventeen alleles per locus. The expected heterozygosity ranged from 0.1844 to 0.8731 in four populations, and the average of the PIC values ranged from 0.2789 to 0.8488. Cross amplification of these markers was performed among the related species P. rigida, P. koraiensis, P. parviflora, and P. bungeana. The developed novel SSR markers are promising tools for studying the genetic diversity or population structure of P. densiflora and its related species.
Keywords : Genetic diversity, Next-generation sequencing, Pinaceae, Pinus densiflora, Simple sequence repeat

March 2019, 7 (1)
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