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Fig. 2.

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Fig. 2. Primer design of AG1-InDel region for KASP marker development and genotyping of the control varieties. (A) Primer design of AG1-KP-InDel-1 marker in AG1-InDel region. Arrows indicate the location and direction of the primer sequences. One common primer (Common-primer-1) and three allele-specific primers (Allele-specific primer-1, Allele-specific primer-2 and Allele-specific primer-3) targeting the SNP position (G/A) were designed. (B) Genotyping results of the control varieties by the developed AG1-InDel specific KASP marker (left table) and the scatter plot of the KHO and IR64 type alleles (right panel). Allele 1 and Allele 2 are tolerance (KHO) and susceptible (IR64) types, respectively. RFU1 and RFU2 represent FAM and HEX fluorescent values, respectively (NTC = non template control).
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