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Fig. 4.

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Fig. 4. Comparison of nucleotide sequences of Daeribbyeo 1 and Josaengjado at Rd and OsC1 (Nipponbare sequence at OsC1 is included). The black boxes and lines between black boxes indicate exons and introns, respectively. Letters above and below the boxes are sequences of Hwaseong and O. rufipogon, respectively. Non-synonymous nucleotide substitution is indicated in red letter in Daeribbyeo 1 at the Rd gene. A 3-bp deletion in OsC1 was observed in Daeribbyeo 1 and Nipponbare compared to Josaengjado. The sequence of the slashed box in the OsC1 gene of Daeribbyeo 1 is not available because we failed to clone. including the 3rd exon (shown in slashed box).
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