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Table. 2.

Table. 2.

Characteristics of QTLs for morphological traits in the F2 population.

Trait QTL Chr. Marker intervalz) LOD R2 (%)y) Additive effectx) Candidate genew)
Sterile lemma color qSC1 1 KJ01079/KJ01087/KJ01103 6.77 39.93 0.95 Rd
qSC6 6 KJ06011/KJ06027 9.76 65.38 1.27 C1
Apiculus color qAC1 1 KJ01079/KJ01087/KJ01103 6.83 41.05 0.94 Rd
qAC6 6 KJ06011/KJ06027 11.02 67.45 1.30 C1

z)The nearest KASP marker to the QTL isunderlined.

y)The proportion of the phenotypic variance explained by the nearest marker of QTL.

x)The estimated effect of replacing Daeribbyeo 1 alleles by Josaengjado alleles.

w)Chromosomal location of each QTL was compared to genes in previous studies.

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