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Fig. 6.

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Fig. 6. Interaction effect on amylose content of T/C SNP at exon 16 of SBE3 on chromosome 2 and G/T SNP at the 5ʹ splice site of intron 1 of GBSS1 on chromosome 6. Error bars indicate mean ± standard deviation. HH: Hwayeong homozygous; HD: Heterozygous; DD: Dodamssal homozygous. Additive effect: (DD-HH)/2; Dominance effect: HD ‒ (DD + HH)/2. Degree of dominance: dominance effect/additive effect, aR2: Coefficient of determination, bInteraction between qAC2 and qAC6, cTotal phenotypic variance was determined by regression analysis.
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