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Fig. 5.

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Fig. 5. Haplotype analysis of SNPs associated with granule-bound starch synthase 1 (GBSS1) using the 117 rice accessions from the KRICE_CORE set and the estimated amylose content (AC). Haplotypes are grouped on the basis of G/T at the 5ʹ splice site of intron 1 and A/G SNP generating a premature start codon in the 5ʹ-UTR of GBSS1. Values are means ± standard deviation. Means that do not share a letter are significantly different at P = 0.05 based on Tukey’s test. IND: indica; IND (Tongil-type): indica (Tongil-type); TEJ: temperate japonica; TRJ: tropical japonica.
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