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Fig. 5.

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Fig. 5. Biplot from Principal Component Analysis of studied root, root hair and biochemical traits of four rice varieties under 0% (control) and 5% polyethylene glycol treatments. Here, Bd: Binadhan, BRd: BRRI dhan, C: 0% PEG (control) condition, T: 5% PEG treatment, TRt: total number of roots per main tiller, MAL: main root axis length, Pr: phytomer, MAD: main root axis diameter, PALs, PADs, NPAs: length, diameter and number of S-type first order laterals, PALL: length of L-type first order laterals, LSA, DSA: length and diameter of second order laterals, RHLMA, DRHMA: length and density of root hair at main axis, RHLPA, RHDPA, DRHPA: length, diameter and density of root hair at first order laterals, SDW: shoot dry weight, H2O2: hydrogen peroxide, MDA: malondialdehyde.
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