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Fig. 4.

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Fig. 4. Treatment effect, varietal variation and variety × treatment interaction for main root axis length (MAL) at root bearing phytomer 1 (Pr1) (A), main root axis length at phytomer 2 (Pr2) (B), main root axis length at phytomer 3 (Pr3) (C), and length of L-type first order lateral root (PALL) (D) in four rice varieties (Bd-11: Binadhan-11, BRd 52: BRRI dhan 52, Bd-7: Binadhan-7, BRd 71: BRRI dhan 71) under 0% (control) and 5% polyethylene glycol treatments. Vertical bars indicate standard error of mean. Different letters indicate statistically significant difference.
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