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Fig. 2.

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Fig. 2. Phylogenetic tree showing the relatedness of BrPLATZ proteins to those of Arabidopsis, rice, bread wheat, maize, tomato, potato and soybean. Full-length polypeptide sequences were used to make the phylogenetic tree. The sequences were aligned using MEGA 7.0. The tree was constructed by Neighbor-Joining (NJ) method in MEGA 7.0. The numbers at the branches represented the percent bootstraps values based on 1000 replications. The tree was divided into seven groups (A-G) according to bootstrap support values and evolutionary distances. A species acronym was added before each PLATZ protein name. Br: Brassica rapa, At: Arabidopsis thaliana, Os: Oryza sativa, Ta: Triticum aestivum, Zm: Zea mays, Sl: Solanum lycopersicum, St: Solanum tuberosum, Gm: Glycine max. Only groups with bootstraps value higher than 50 were selected for the consensus tree.
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