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Fig. 3.

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Fig. 3. Substitution mapping of QTL for SPP on chromosome 7. (A) Graphical genotypes of five BC6F2 recombinant groups (A to E) from the cross between Hwaseong (P1) and IL102 (P2). Black, homozygous for O. minuta; white, homozygous for Hwaseong; gray, heterozygous for Hwaseong and O. minuta; hatched, recombination regions. Positions of DNA markers are indicated by vertical lines, # No. of recombinant lines in each group. The broken vertical lines indicate the location of qSPP7 candidate region. The table to the right of the graphical genotypes indicates the mean values of SPP and DTH (days to heading) for each group. The numbers followed by different letters in each column are significantly different at P < 0.05, based on the Tukey test. (B) Candidate genes for qSPP7 according to RAP-DB. The length of pentagon indicates nucleotide length. Bar = 3 kb. (C) Gene structure and variable sites of LOC_Os07g30130 in Hwaseong and IL102. Exons are indicated in gray boxes and non-synonymous nucleotide substitutions are indicated in bold letters. Positions of amino acids are indicated by vertical lines with numbers.
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