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Fig. 4.

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Fig. 4. Chromosomal locations of the heading date QTLs detected in the Koshihikari × Hayamasari BILs under natural field (NF), long day (LD: 14.5 hours), extremely long-day (ELD: 18 hours), and short-day (SD:10 hours) conditions. The lengths of the rectangles indicate a two-LOD confidence interval for the QTLs. The small horizontal bars and small letters show the positions of the markers and the names of the marker nearest to the LOD peak, respectively. The thick horizontal lines and the circles with italicized names represent the positions of the QTLs for heading date identified in previous studies (Lin et al. 2003; Matsubara et al. 2008; Wei et al. 2010; Shibaya et al. 2011; Yan et al. 2011).
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