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Fig. 1.

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Fig. 1. Example of patterns of informative SNPs within and between subgroups. A subset of the rice 44K SNP data from is shown for representative accessions from four subgroups: indica (IND), aus (AUS), aromatic (Aromatic), and temperate japonica (TEJ). Eight SNP loci are shown flanking a gene target, with three SNPs outlined: id5000200 is an example of a SNP mostly monomorphic within subgroups, but polymorphic between indica the others; ud5000025 is an example of a SNP monomorphic within all groups except for two aus accessions; and id5000223 is segregating within indica and aus, and polymorphic between aromatic and temperate japonica. In practice, the minor allele frequencies (MAF) within and between subgroups will be used as criteria during the SNP selection process.
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